• Survol du lagon en Ulm à La Réunion
  • Ulm à La Réunion

Reunion Island through the air

Reunion Island hides in its countless landforms a beautiful wilderness. Airways offer unusual opportunities to witness a spectacular show that will leave you intense emotions and unforgettable memories. More affordable than the helicopter, microlight offers the same show with comfort and security. Microlight is recommended for photo lovers because of its low speed. It allows passenger to enjoy the magical scenery with more height, which is perfect to take pictures. Let your self to be soak up in the natural diversity of the cirques and primary forests, admire the crystal clear water of the lagoon and also the sea full of turtles, whales and dolphins. Discover also the mineral world of lunar landscapes from the « Plaine des Sables » to the volcano the « Piton de la Fournaise »

Feel the elevation in a Microlight

Alone with the pilot, you get a fully customized flight and a cabin for yourself. Equipped with sound proofing headphone, enjoy the flight with exciting insights about the island. It is possible to flight and feel the liberty at the same time. So that, nobody is waiting on the ground. The devices used are generally three axes FK9. Departures can be done from Pierrefonds airport (South), from the area of Cambaie (West) and Roland Garros Airfield (North).