• Paraglide Reunion Island

Reunion Island, an exceptional flying site

With high reliefs and incredible weather conditions, paragliders can practise this sport 300 days over the year! Reunion Island host every year the World Cup Series in which the best athletes compete and enjoy the great diversity of landscapes where you can fly inbetween mountains and sea.
This activity is accessible to all: beginners are surpervised by a state certified instructor and will be able to safely discover this sport in a paragliding tandem. Experience the pure emotions of flying in Reunion Island: take-off from the mountains and land on the beach.

Discover the sensations of paragliding

The meeting point is usually located in Saint-Leu (western part of the island), from where you can take off from the Colimaçons at 800 meters high or from La Chaloupe at 1600 meters high . The shuttles are handled from the landing site by our professional suppliers. These flying sites are among the most beautiful in the world, they offer breathtaking views of the west coast, turquoise lagoons and coral reefs. It is also sometimes possible to observe sea turtles , dolphins and even whales. Other spectacular sites are more difficult and reserved for experienced paragliders, such as the Piton Textor next to the volcano, Maïdo’s peak which is overlooking Mafate , Dimitile from where one can observe Cilaos on one side and lush forests of the Entre-Deux and the hardest is the Piton des Neiges which is the top of the island which offers a breathtaking panorama of the three cirques at once.