• Découverte : tunnels de lave du volcan de la Fournaise
  • Exploration des tunnels de lave
  • Tunnel de lave
  • Volcan : visite des tunnels de lave
  • Tunnels de lave du volcan de La Réunion
  • Tunnels de La Réunion
  • Tunnel de Lave La Réunion
  • Tunnels de lave Réunion
  • Photo tunnel de lave, visite

The Lava tube from the volcano of Reunion Island

Explore another treasure of the island: the inescapable visit of lava tubes !

This specific and unique underground world is very fragile but you can experience it safety beside our fascinated and enthusiasts professional partners, specialists in volcanology and speleology which will make you live a funny moment, magic and unusual in the entrails of the Piton de la Fournaise. It will remain a highlight of your stay and forever etched in your memories!
Some courses can reach several kilometres and are real explorations that often evolve standing, sometimes curved and from time to time squatting. Your guide will suggest you to progress slowly in an unexpected and wonderful universe. Ceilings from where it seems to run dark chocolate (the stalactites), seats of lava in the middle of a red lounge, frozen waterfalls of lava or stalagmites forests: the show of the veins of the Earth is magnificent…
Equipped with helmets and headlamps, it is also in family and in a good mood that you can live these lessons fun-size Natural Sciences. You will leave this environment anthracite grey, brown, red and black by having another look on Reunion Island.