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Montain Biking in Reunion

Hitting our tropical slopes, accompanied by a certified guide, offers the insurance of living chills through most panoramas really exceptional from each other, while receiving adequate assistance.

Mountain biking, an enormous success activity in Reunion Island !

From amateur to expert, everyone can enjoy so many strong sensations as soothing discovery of the diverse landscapes offered by hills, forests, meadows, cane fields, savannas or beachfronts.

Our professional partners of this discipline offer original paths for everyone or adapted to the more experienced. The selection of the trip is vast, western heights are a mecca for the descent but the discovery of coastal marked trails, plains, Tévelave or the volcano are all guaranteed to live at its pace the beauties of the island, without ever misrepresent it or to be confronted to the traffic jam. Among the most popular courses we find:
– The descent of Maido, which is considered to be the best one in the discipline and requires a fair amount of dexterity and composure. There are different routes to choose from depending of your level. The classic one is suitable for beginners (from 12 years old).
– The Megavalanche, modeled on the Alpe d’Huez’s race is a world-class downhill mountain biking that brings together the best global competitors; it is also a site offering a varied discovery of the descent and for everybody.

Day trip, half-day trip or several days trip are possible (including a complete discovery of the island in a week, by bike).
Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest you the offer that suits you best.

Unusual to complement the pallet of sensations and discoveries:
– The recumbent bike allows you to pedal lying and to enjoy the scenery in new ways
– The Montain Quad offers an unforgettable experience in the conquest of all the grounds