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The Nevada State Museum

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309 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas
  • Publié il y a 2 ans

Ramble into locals who have stories to share. They’ll steer you towards the best watering holes. The best hot springs. The finest stretch of open road.

The best places to witness stars lighting up the night sky like you’ve never, ever seen before (that’s a guarantee). The Board of Museums and History is established by state law (NRS 381.002) to support the activities of the Division of Museums and History (DM&H) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). With respect to the SHPO the Board may develop, review and approve policy for matters relating to the State Historic Preservation Plan, nominations to the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Historic places.

With respect to the functions of the DM&H, the Board shall develop, review and make policy for investments, budgets, expenditures and general control of the Divisions’ private and endowed trust funds.

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