Go through the Pitons, cirques and ramparts – World Heritage by UNESCO!

Reunion Island offers a multitude of landscapes and exceptional places perfectly adapted to the practice of climbing and mountaineering. With over 6000m cumulative climbing and a score of listed sites, Reunion Island offers to climbers, more or less experienced, a wide range of ways to test by the fingertips and toes.

Perched between the walls to the highest peaks and coastal basalt cliffs between the peaks and the hills,
everyone can exercise his talents accompanied by a certified and experienced guide.

In Cilaos, the Piton de Sucre (large tract to 300metres) is at the top of an old magma chamber formed 200 000
– 100 000 years ago, in 1.5 km below the summit of the volcano Piton des Neiges. Visiting a magma chamber exposed by erosion is very rare in the world.

Do not miss also, still in Cilaos, the “legend of the Tropics”, a large path drawn close to the famous waterfall of Yellow Flowers canyon.

For specialists and other enthusiasts, the crest and the peaks of the Three Salazes is a must in Reunion Island, spectacular and mythical place being moreover the part of the end credit of the broadcast Ushuaia for many years.

At the heart of Mafate is also found Piton Calumets and even Cimendef pyramid that is translated, as “we do not go through!”

These edges, on the narrow thread of the highest crests, definitely make the characteristic and the attractiveness of Reunion mountaineering.

Our partners, High Mountain guides and climbing, will offer you the most suitable program adapted to your level and your desires.