Horse Riding Reunion

Horseback Riding

An island of true contrasts in the middle of the Indian Ocean, La Reunion is simply one of the most intriguing spots on Earth. The diversity of landscapes is truly astonishing for such a small island.

Many activities offer you to discover this scenically magical island, but one is a must-do to add to your to-do list : horseback riding.

Seeing the region from the saddle of a horse is a fun way to experience the visual appeal of La Reunion. Galloping along a beach and crossing stunning landscapes on horseback is surely an exhilarating experience, even if you’re not an experienced rider.

Horseback riding is also a low-impact opportunity for eco-travelers to soak up the drop-dead gorgeous scenery.

From the most active volcano of the world, the Piton de la Fournaise, to the nearby forests full of lush vegetation and interesting wildlife, including an amazing array of winged creatures, horseback riding is the perfect way to see the sights up-close.

La Reunion island has a few equestrian centers that offer guided horse-riding tours, for a couple of hours to a couple of days.

So saddle your horse and get up there, just enjoy an unforgettable ride !

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