Reunion island is undoubtedly the best island adventures of the Indian Ocean. Called “the intense island”, La Reunion is the dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers, immensely rich in touristic attractions to see and experience.

La Reunion island is a tip of a giant underwater volcano that rises 4000 meters from the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Almost half of its territory, the Reunion National Park, is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Piton de la Fournaise is the most active volcanic hotspot in the world, providing Red Martian landscapes and lava tubes to explore. The sudden change from moon looking scenery to lush green forests is quite shocking.

The famous Cirques, Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos, offer a great variety of dramatic mountainscapes, steep and majestic waterfalls, and stunning hiking trails. La Reunion is a premiere destination for sport enthusiasts, paragliding, horseback riding, climbing, and helicopter tours will leave you speechless. The rivers and lakes of La Reunion will delight you with aquatic activities such as canyoning and rafting. You can also dive into the deep blue sea and admire the exceptional undersea world, or just relax in one of our paradise white (or black!) sand beaches.

Reunion is a melting-pot of cultures, from Islamic or Christian rituals, Buddhist to Tamil traditions, Chinese cuisine to Creole markets, that coexist in perfect harmony.

Great spot for eco-conscious travelers, La Reunion offers a multitude of unique adventures and sensations in an exceptional environment you will
never forget !

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