Waterfalls Reunion

Water Falls

Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its Pitons, cirques and ramparts, La Reunion island offers indeed a Nature’s exceptional treasure to be protected.

Most impressive landmarks of the island are the numerous supertall waterfalls in forest covered, amazingly deep canyons and ravines. Some of the world’s tallest waterfalls are situated in La Reunion, phenomenon possible due to extreme cliffs and abundant rainfalls.

Trou de Fer (in the forest of Belouve) is one of the most magnificent slots canyon in the world, adorned with countless waterfalls including the Bras de Caverne stream, with 725m tall falls.

Voile de la Mariée (in the Cirque de Salazie) is a group of very high waterfalls, falling in steps and sliding down the forested cliffs, which can be as high as 800m.

Cascade blanche, Chaudron falls, Niagara falls, are also famous sites with height between 500 and 650m.

Fleurs jaunes is an original waterfall, sliding down along a cliff in narrow channel, up to 300m tall. It’s a legendary canyoning spot !

Among the high-adrenaline sports, canyoning has found its place in La Reunion. With lots of diverse sites, dizzying waterfalls, incredible slides and fun ziplines, this activity will delight amateurs of vertical sensations !

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